Does Godaddy Have Free Hosting?

When it comes to web hosting options, many people wonder if GoDaddy offers free hosting. It’s a common question among those starting their online ventures or looking to switch providers. But here’s the surprising truth: GoDaddy does not offer free hosting. While they do provide a range of hosting plans and packages at affordable prices, free hosting is not one of their offerings.

Founded in 1997, GoDaddy has become one of the largest and most well-known domain registrars and web hosting companies in the world. With an expansive range of services, they cater to millions of customers globally. While GoDaddy may not offer free hosting, their hosting packages come with a variety of features and benefits, including reliable performance, excellent customer support, and a user-friendly interface. So, while you might not find free hosting at GoDaddy, their hosting options are worth exploring for their quality and affordability.

Does Godaddy Have Free Hosting?

Introduction to Godaddy’s Hosting Services

Godaddy is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the industry, known for its user-friendly platform and a wide range of hosting options. If you’re considering building a website or an online presence, you may be wondering if Godaddy offers free hosting services. In this article, we’ll explore the topic of whether Godaddy provides free hosting and discuss the different hosting plans they offer. We’ll also delve into the benefits and limitations of Godaddy’s hosting services, helping you make an informed decision for your website needs.

Before we dive into the details, it’s important to note that while Godaddy does not offer free hosting in the traditional sense, they do provide affordable hosting plans suitable for various budgets. These plans come with different features and resources, allowing users to choose the option that aligns with their specific requirements. Let’s explore the hosting options available at Godaddy and find out what they offer.

Shared Hosting Plans at Godaddy

Shared hosting is a popular choice for individuals and small businesses looking for an affordable hosting solution. With shared hosting, multiple websites share the same server resources, making it a cost-effective option. While Godaddy does not offer free shared hosting, they provide several shared hosting plans at competitive prices.

The Economy plan, starting at $2.99 per month, is the most basic shared hosting plan offered by Godaddy. It includes 100 GB of storage, an unmetered bandwidth, and the ability to host a single website. This plan is suitable for individuals or small businesses with minimal website needs.

For those who require additional resources and features, Godaddy offers the Deluxe and Ultimate shared hosting plans. The Deluxe plan, priced at $5.99 per month, allows users to host an unlimited number of websites and provides unlimited storage. The Ultimate plan, priced at $12.99 per month, offers all the features of the Deluxe plan along with the added benefit of a free SSL certificate and a free premium DNS.

While these shared hosting plans do not fall under the category of free hosting, they are affordable options considering the features and resources they provide. You can choose the plan that best suits your website’s requirements and scale up as your needs grow.

Shared Hosting Features and Benefits

Godaddy’s shared hosting plans come with a range of features and benefits that can enhance your website’s performance and user experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

  • – User-friendly control panel: Godaddy provides a user-friendly control panel, making it easy for beginners to manage their websites and hosting settings.
  • – One-click WordPress installation: With Godaddy’s shared hosting plans, you can easily install WordPress with just a few clicks, simplifying the process of building your website.
  • – 24/7 customer support: Godaddy offers round-the-clock customer support, ensuring that you can reach out for assistance whenever you need it.
  • – Site backup and restore: Godaddy’s shared hosting plans include automatic daily backups and the ability to restore your website to a previous version if needed.

These features, along with others like email hosting, FTP access, and website security, make Godaddy’s shared hosting plans a reliable and comprehensive solution for individuals and small businesses.

VPS Hosting at Godaddy

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is an excellent option for websites that require more resources and control than shared hosting can provide. With VPS hosting, you have your own virtual server within a physical server, allowing for better performance and scalability.

While VPS hosting is not available for free at Godaddy, they offer a range of affordable VPS plans to cater to different needs. The VPS hosting packages at Godaddy start at $4.99 per month for the Economy plan, offering 1 vCPU, 20 GB SSD storage, and 1 GB RAM. The Ultimate plan, priced at $44.99 per month, provides 8 vCPUs, 240 GB SSD storage, and 8 GB RAM.

Godaddy’s VPS hosting plans offer additional benefits such as root access, dedicated resources, and the ability to customize your server environment. These plans are suitable for businesses or individuals with higher traffic websites or more intensive resource requirements.

Managed WordPress Hosting at Godaddy

If you’re specifically looking to host a WordPress website, Godaddy’s managed WordPress hosting plans might be of interest to you. These plans are designed to optimize the performance and security of your WordPress site, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Godaddy’s managed WordPress hosting is not free, but the prices are competitive given the additional features and benefits provided. The Basic plan starts at $6.99 per month and includes one website, 30 GB of storage, and automatic daily backups. The Pro 5+ plan, priced at $18.99 per month, allows for up to five websites and provides 50 GB of storage, as well as additional features like a staging environment and a free SSL certificate.

With managed WordPress hosting, Godaddy takes care of tasks like WordPress updates, security enhancements, and site optimizations, allowing you to focus on creating and managing content.


In conclusion, while Godaddy does not offer free hosting services, they provide a range of affordable hosting options to suit different needs and budgets. From shared hosting to VPS hosting and managed WordPress hosting, Godaddy offers a variety of plans with various features and resources. It’s important to carefully assess your website’s requirements and select a hosting plan that meets those needs.

Remember, hosting is an investment in the performance and stability of your website, so it’s worth considering the additional features and benefits that come with a paid hosting plan. Whether you’re a small business owner, a blogger, or an e-commerce entrepreneur, Godaddy’s hosting services can provide a reliable platform for your online presence.

Hosting Type Starting Price Features
Shared Hosting $2.99 per month Multiple plans to choose from, one-click WordPress installation, 24/7 customer support
VPS Hosting $4.99 per month Root access, dedicated resources, customizable server environment
Managed WordPress Hosting $6.99 per month Optimized for WordPress, automatic backups, security enhancements

‘Key Takeaways’ for “Does Godaddy Have Free Hosting?”

  • GoDaddy does not offer free hosting on their platform.
  • They have a range of hosting plans available at different price points.
  • Free hosting options are available from other providers.
  • Consider your needs and budget when choosing a hosting provider.
  • Research and compare hosting options before making a decision.

Godaddy does not offer free hosting for websites. Their hosting plans start at $2.99 per month.

However, Godaddy does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for their hosting services, allowing customers to try it risk-free. It’s important to consider your website needs and budget when choosing a hosting provider.

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